What to expect from the blogs

Here's the place to get the latest information about the Fish Finder Blogs, as well as to request blog specific help.
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What to expect from the blogs

Post by MidnightCoder » Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:16 pm

I'm going to briefly outline the expected behaviour of the blogs, the integration with the forums, and some of the features you can experiment with.

1. Logging into the forum will also log you into the blogs. You should not need to login on WordPress at all, ever, if you visit the forum first.
2. Logging into Wordpress will also log you into the forum. You should not need to login on phpBB at all, ever, if you visit your blog first.
3. Users that register a new account on FFF will also be created in WordPress, and logged in, the instant they visit the blogs site.
4. (N/A) If registration on WordPress were turned on (it's not, we don't need it) then new users there would also be created on the forums, and logged in, just by visiting the forum.
5. Each user belongs to the /blogs/ blog from the beginning. This is essentially the admin panel of the blog, where you can create your own blog and update your profile.
6. I've installed 140+ themes to play with, as an initial selection. If this works out and there's some demand for blogs, I can add more when these get a bit stale.
7. There will be certain plugins (mini scripts that add specific features to WordPress) that I'll be adding to combat spam and provide some extra widgets to use, that kind of thing. You may see the odd new entry show up in your WordPress Dashboard (the admin panel). Please don't attempt to disable any plugins, but feel free to play with their settings.
8. Each user with their own blog is pretty much the master of that blog. You can alter all kinds of settings, and you should feel free to do so, as only your blog is affected, not anyone else's.

I'll stop there for now. That's already a lot of information to digest. :) You can ask me anything about the blogs in this thread if you like, and I'll respond as quickly as possible.

- David

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