Welcome to the Blog Forum. Here's the Rules

Here's the place to get the latest information about the Fish Finder Blogs, as well as to request blog specific help.
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Welcome to the Blog Forum. Here's the Rules

Post by MidnightCoder » Sat Aug 28, 2010 7:27 pm

So, what's the deal with all this blogging stuff? Basically, you can create and administrate your own WordPress blog right here on FFF. It's free, easy, and you don't need to worry about obtaining hosting or a domain name. With the notable exception of direct file access, these blogs have pretty much the same range of features that your own self hosted Wordpress site would.

We've also provided Import and Export features, which you can use to bring an existing blog's posts and categories to your FFF blog, or vice versa - you're not locked in, you will not lose your posts, you can create an export file as a backup any time you like, and use it on any WordPress host (or your own self-hosted blog, if in future you decide to make one).

Rules and Terms of Use.

The rules are simple. Rules of conduct for the forums will also generally apply to the blogs. In addition to that, you agree to not use the following items on your blog:
  • Banner ads (including Google Adsense).
  • Amazon Widgets or other third party product listings widgets or code snippets.
  • PayPal buttons, links or buttons or links to any other payment processor.
The blogs are for your enjoyment, not a source of income. However, there are some exceptions. You are allowed to use the following on your blog:
  • Written Ads for your own fishing tackle, gear, or fishing related goods.
  • Affiliate links for related services, provided you mark them as such in some way.
  • Posts/Pages offering to buy or sell fishing related goods from the community here.
Payments for any deals you make must be made off-site. Paypal buttons or other devices to accept online payment are expressly forbidden on FishingTerritory.com
FishingTerritory.com, its owners, administrators and moderators take NO RESPONSIBILITY for any transactions, trades, or other commerce between FFF members. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Help with the blogs.

I'll be providing ongoing help with the blogs here, so if you have a question please just make a topic for it. If you're having the same issue as someone in an existing topic, please try to use the existing topic to add your questions/requests.

Last resort, PM me on the boards here. :)

I've posted some topics relating to getting started, and working with your new blog. Please take the time to read through them.

Hope everyone has fun, I'll post more about this as I have time.

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