Prevent spam and allow comments. Here's how.

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Prevent spam and allow comments. Here's how.

Post by MidnightCoder » Sat Aug 28, 2010 6:57 pm

The following is a brief walkthrough of how to set up your blog to receive comments from members and block spammers. It takes into account the fact that many ISPs use proxies, rendering blocking proxy commenters useless.

Under WP-Spamfree check verify this setting:

☑ Allow users behind proxy servers to comment?

It should be checked.

Under Settings NAUGHTY Discussion:

☑ Users must be registered and logged in to comment (Signup has been disabled. Only members of this site can comment.)

This should be checked. Ignore the warning about registration, as it's allowed on the forum and that automatically grants access to the blogs as well.

Email me whenever:
☑ Anyone posts a comment
☑ A comment is held for moderation
Before a comment appears:
☑ Before a comment appears An administrator must always approve the comment

These settings should also be checked.

By setting your blog this way you will eliminate 99.9% of spam, and always have the chance to review comments before they show up. The only possible way for spam to be posted is if a spammer registered on the forum and then went to the blogs to spam. Not likely to happen.

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