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Post by Bryan » Fri Mar 21, 2008 5:23 pm

Just arrived back from Vietnam a few weeks ago, no such thing as catch and release there, most fish in the markets were lucky to be over 2 inchs long, we really do live in the lucky country.
It did reminded me of travelling in Nepal back in 2003 and after treeking in the Himalayas for 20 days doing the Annapurrna and ABC treeks it was time to relax in Pokhara. :drinking2: :smoking:
It has a fresh water lake 6km long, about 2km wide and after dragging myself out of bed the second morning with yet another headache, (must be the ice in the rum) I look down to see a local guy getting out of he's canoe with 3 fish, 2 which were about 4kgs and one that looked 6kg, I decided to go down for a chat.
He was in a hurry but said to see him later at his shop, which I was able to find that afternoon.
I had been travelling for 18 months by now and I wasn't sure that my casting arm still worked, and memories of Barra were fading in the fog of travel, I was very keen to feel the strike of a fish again.
He told me he was catching the fish on what he called these "spoon things" and being like most fisherman I was interested to see what he had in he's tackle box. This turns out to be an ice-cream container with hard body lures :grin:
Most were cheap Smiling Jacks and the like, but two qantas 2" Rapalas caught my eye :wink:
An hour later I walk out with 2 spin rods both which were missing a few eyelets, old line and 1/2 dozen lures and a canoe hired.
Next morning I'm up at sporrows and paddling along. 3 hours later with my arms getting heavy (trolling being the recommed method), BANG I was on, 5 minutes later and I had my first Sowha on board.
6 weeks later I finally got on a bus and headed to Katmandu with some of the best fishing memorys I have. 3 to 4 fish for a morning sesson was the norm, with the biggest going 8.8kgs. The locals say in the rivers in Nepal they get to a size that makes you start thinking whether it's a good idea to get in the water or not :o
Some fish were released, others were given to the accommodation place I was staying at, which they were very happy to receive. But looking a little like European Carp I stuck with the curried vegies and rice. :grin:
I don't have a scanner so are un able to post some photo's, plus I'm a bit embarrassed about my hair do back then (bl..dy hippie). :uhh:
I will try and find a link and post it on here if I can find some more info on them.
Nepal, the best that Asia has.... :mrgreen:

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