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Site Administrator
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:20 pm    Post subject: More stocked dams

Good thing NT has Million Dollar Fish! Getting some stiff competition ...

I am curious though, these places were being fished before, so what are they saying - now you have to pay?


Boost for Qld recreational fishing in weirs and dams

Recreational fishers will have the chance to cast a line in an additional 31 dams and weirs from 1 July.

The Palaszczuk Government is almost doubling the number of stocked impoundments where anglers will be allowed to fish under the popular Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS).

Minister for Agricultural and Fisheries, Leanne Donaldson said the expansion of the programme will give fishers access to 63 dams and weirs throughout the state.

“The addition of these fishing spots will see a boost to freshwater recreational fishing right across the state,” the Minister said.

“Anyone over 18 who wants to fish in these waters will require a permit but the good news is that at least 75 percent of the money received in permits will be directed back into the system.”

“This means this money is being used to enhance the stocking programme and for the first time, it will allow stocking groups to apply to use some of this money to enhance the recreational fishing experience at their local dams and weirs.”

“The expansion of the SIPS will provide increased recreational fishing opportunities to regional communities through the provision of world class freshwater fishing.”

This is a win-win for recreational fishers, local fish stoking groups and regional communities right across Queensland.

“Currently the scheme generates revenue of approximately $1 million each year through the sale of some 50 000 permits,” the Minister said.

“SIPS will also move into the 21st century from 1 July with permits becoming digital making it fast, easy and convenient for anglers.”

“Digital permits for freshwater fishing will arrive by email or text message and are less likely to be damaged or lost compared to the old paper permits.

“When fishers are asked to produce their permit, they will simply be able to display it on their phone.”

Australia Post will manage the sale of permits which can be purchased online, at any Australia Post outlet or sub-agent in Queensland and from limited locations in northern New South Wales or over the phone.

An annual permit will cost $50, $36 for an annual concession permit and a weekly permit is $10.

Permit fees have been fixed for the next five years.

Fishers who hold an existing paper-based permit can continue to use it for freshwater fishing until the expiry date.

Media Contact: 3087 8583

New SIPS stocked dams and weirs

· Aplins Weir Townsville (North Queensland)

· Caboolture River Weir, Caboolture (Moreton Bay)

· Goondiwindi (Hilton) Weir, Goondiwindi

· Miles Weir, Miles (Western Downs)

· Baroon Pocket Dam, Maleny (Sunshine Coast)

· Cecil Plains Weir, Cecil Plains (Toowoomba)

· Hinze Dam, Gold Coast hinterland

· Surat Weir, Surat (Maranoa)

· Beebo Weir, Texas (Goondiwindi)

· Chinchilla Weir, Chinchilla (Darling Downs)

· Inglewood Town Weir, Inglewood (Goondiwindi)

· Talgai Weir, Clifton (Southern Downs)

· Beehive Dam, Wallangarra (Southern Downs)

· Claude Wharton Weir, Gayndah (North Burnett)

· Jones Weir, Mundubbera (North Burnett)

· Whetstone Weir, Inglewood (Goondiwindi)

· Ben Anderson Barrage, Bundaberg

· Ewen Maddock Dam, Landsborough (Sunshine Coast)

· Koombooloomba Dam, Ravenshoe (Tablelands)

· Woodford Weir, Woodford (Sunshine Coast)

· Ben Dor Weir, Inglewood (Goondiwindi)

· Gill Weir, Miles (Western Downs)

· Lake Belmore, Croydon (Gulf Savannah)

· Wyaralong Dam, Beaudesert (Scenic Rim)

· Black Weir, Townsville (North Queensland)

· Gleeson Weir, Townsville (North Queensland)

· Lake Kurwongbah, Petrie (South east Queensland)

· Yarramalong Weir, Milmerran (Toowoomba)

· Bonshaw Weir, Texas (Goondiwindi)

· Glenarbon Weir, Texas (Goondiwindi)

· Lemon Tree Weir, Millmerran (Toowoomba)

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Jedi Seadog
Jedi Seadog
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Post Posted: Tue Jun 21, 2016 5:36 pm    Post subject: Re: More stocked dams

So Austraila post pockets $1.25 million. Well played.

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Jedi Seadog
Jedi Seadog

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Post Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:04 pm    Post subject: Re: More stocked dams

There are still quite a few dams where no SIP (permit) is required.

Anastascia is attempting to introduce a universal Qld fishing licence by increasing the number of places where a sip is required. With little sip money from most of the impoundments there'll be very little stocking and as the number of places that require a sip groes, then the amount of stocking (even in the ones currently stocked) will reduce.

That'll take care of freshwater fishing licences without upsetting saltwater fishermen (initially).


Jedi Seadog
Jedi Seadog

Joined: Sat Feb 14, 2009 6:23 pm
Posts: 1740
Barrabucks points on hand:
17,695.65 Barrabucks
Post Posted: Tue Jun 28, 2016 7:11 pm    Post subject: Re: More stocked dams


It used to be that if you fished in an impoundment where govt stocking was carried out, you needed a permit (SIP).

Not all impoundments were part of the govt's stocking regime which was restricted to impoundments owned by SunWater (Qld's version of NT's PAWA). The govt said, we'll stock Sunwater's impoundments if you pay a fee.

Awoonga is owned by the Gladstone Water Authority so no SIP permit required.

The Rocky Barrage impoundment on the Fitzroy is owned by Fitzroy River Water Corp ( Rocky Regional Council) so no govt stocking and therefore no sip permit needed.

There are others.

Now the govt is putting the squeeze on.


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Post Posted: Mon Aug 01, 2016 11:30 am    Post subject: Re: More stocked dams

If i thought my money was definitely going to increase the chance of my children catching a fish in these impoundments in years to come i wouldn't mind a small fee(coming out of my boat rego) to cover re-stocking however i dont believe it will be that transparent. I am already paying approx 250 dollars a year to have a boat registered in QLD so surely they can cover the cost of re-stocking these impoundments from this,granted the land based guys would get a free ride but it is better in my opinion than double dipping!!

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