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Well here we go guys this is the first post for this blog.

It is my intent for this blog to keep you updated with the complete range of Shane Doevy Wind On leaders.

I manufacture a range hand crafted of wind on leaders which are ideal for fishing for basically any breed of fish anywhere in Australia or the world. My leaders have been tested by Barra guides in the Northern Territory and I have been using them for the last few years.   I became frustrated with the leader separating from the braid and started using wind on leaders.  Thanks to a mate who taught me to manufacture them I started making my own wind on leaders.  I now use wind on leaders and use them for all my fishing.

My wind ons are manufactured from high quality mono with the bulk of them being manufactured from Schneider mono in either klear or green.  All my wind ons are manufactured with Cortland green spot IGFA dacron doubled with the mono fed right to the loop in the top of the leader.  The join between the dacron and the mono is then finished with a coloured mono and UV sensitive glue.  The top of the mono is tapered to prevent the mono chaffing and weakening the dacron during a long fight with a large fish.

I continually strive to improve my leaders and often send them to an independent tester to ensure that they meet or exceed stated line strength.  You can see the results of the line tests ast  I will post up the test results on this blog so you know that what you are getting is quality.
My wind ons will run through your guides smoothly, they are quick to attach – simply tie your favourite double in your braid, thread the double in the braid through the loop in the top of the leader.  No more clunky knots getting hung up or kncoking out your top eyelet.

I have a simple returns policy – I will refund your money or replace your leader if it fails under normal use – simple bring it back or mail it back to me and Ill replace it or refund you.  Please tell me all the information in regards to the failure so I can rectify any problems in manufacture.  I would ask that you consider the condition of the leader when it failed and its history to the point of failure – how many fish had you caught prior to the failure and what damage may have been inflicted on the leader, had you been connected to a snag prior to the failure as these factors will obviously impact on the performance of the leader.  The knot type you choose may also impact on the performance as we know different types of knots will decrease line strength.  Regardless I am comittted to providing you the best quality leader and have supplied hundreds of leaders and to date have had very very limited returns.

I can mail leaders to you anywhere in Australia free of charge or can arrange for collection for local purchases from Palmerston in the NT.  I will endeavour to mail out your leaders within 3 days of order but periodically due to my day job there may be delays however I always strive to get them out as quickly as possible after payment has been recieved.  I will always contact you if delays are likely.

The leaders are manufactured with coloured whipping at the join between the dacron and the mono which allows for instant identification of exactly what weight leader you are fishing.  All leaders come individually packed into plastic bags for storage so you dont have to be fumbling around trying to untangle the leader when you and your mates are onto that hot bite.  Your biggest problem will be to keep your mates out of your tackle bag once they see how good these leaders are!!  Lighter leaders are ideal for when the fish are finicky and playing hard to get while the heavier “bluewater series” leaders allow you to use them on your charter specials for jewies and snapper but also allow you to use a heavy leader for those big barra in tight country.  Simply tie a double in your braid, hook it to the leader and tie your favourite lure on – you can connect your lure via a snap clip if you are regularly changing lures or my preference which is to tie the lure on using a perfection loop.

The barra series leaders come standard at 2 metres long and bluewater series come standard at 3 metres.  I can and have manufactured leaders to non standard lengths.  I have manufactured 30 lb leaders to 4 metres long for whiting in WA.  Please contact me via email or the FFF pm system for a quote to supply non standard length leaders.  I can slo manufacture leaders of non standard line strength to your needs.  The bluewater series come supplied so you can tie your own hook and sinker loops on – if you require them pre tied please advise as Im happy to supply them to you with the loops for your sinker and hook loops pre tied.

My preferred method of payment is using Paypal.  I can send you bank details for direct deposit if this method is preferred.  Bulk discounts are available for orders of 50 or more leaders – please email or contact me via the FFF pm system if you are interested in a bulk order.

The current range of leaders are available:
Barra Series

  • 30 lb x 2 metres – salmon pink whipping
  • 40 lb x 2 metres – currently black – will post up when i find a new colour
  • 45 lb x 2 metres – fluro pink whipping
  • 50 lb x 2 metres – grey whipping
  • 55 lb x 2 metres – fluro green whipping

Bluewater series

  • 70 lb x 3 metres – black whipping
  • 80 lb x 3 metres – brown whipping
  • 100 lb x 3 metres – gold whipping
  • 110 lb x 3 metres – blue whipping

These wind ons are available on ebay – if you wish to shop on ebay please feel free – If you submit a note when you place your order I can look after FFF members.  Visit my ebay store at

Heres the latest test results for you to review;

  • 30 lb – test result 35.7 and 36.2 lb
  • 40 lb – test result 43.5 and 44.7 lb
  • 45lb – test result 49.2 and 55.5 lb
  • 50 lb – test result 57.8 and 56.2 lb
  • 55 lb – test result 64.3 and 65.9 lb
  • 70 lb – test result 77.6 and 71.1 lb
  • 80 lb – test result 90.1 and 89.2 lb and
  • 110 lb – test result 117.6 lb

Price for FFF members is $4.50 each for the barra series and $5.00 for the bluewater series – bulk orders of 50 or more leaders will be discounted.  Please contact me at or via the PM system on FFF.


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    mate give me a call – 0423 377 147

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    Yes Andrew thats me mate – where you at these days??


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