Start your own fishing and outdoors diary

FFF users can now use world-class blog software to make a perpetual fishing and hunting diary. You have control over your blog settings. There’s 140+ WordPress themes to choose from.

Your first step is to sign up for a blog. You don’t need to register again, your account has already been created by viewing this page. Please visit the Create a Blog page and follow the instructions. You’ll pick a url for your blog, the title of it, and a couple other details.

For help getting started with using your blog, please reference this link: Getting Started with WordPress which has a wealth of information on using WordPress, and is aimed at everyone from first timers to seasoned bloggers looking for specific functions.

We also have a forum dedicated to the blogs, where you can get help from fellow members of the Fish Finder Forums and share your own tips.

Have fun, and don’t be afraid to experiment. You can’t break it!

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